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By Matt Collins

Banana Thong Men’s Underwear Review

Thongs are not just for women. Men have been wearing the banana thong since the early days of mankind in the form of a loincloth. The first time we ever tried on a thong we were a little skeptical but after trying on one we were instantly hooked and very surprised. We love how comfortable they feel and the freedom of movement they provide. After trying on several different brands and styles of underwear we decided to write a review on our best picks for men’s banana thongs. Why not try on something new and surprise your partner with a banana thong. Check out our top picks below.


Calvin Klein Body Banana Thong Review

Calvin Klein Body Banana Thong ReviewCalvin Klein’s body thong is one of the most comfortable thongs available for men. The thong is made out of 100% high quality cotton so you can be sure that this lightweight underwear is going to be extremely comfortable, breathable and feel like you are wearing next to nothing. This banana thong shows off the male package using a unique contour pouch that completely covers your parts so there are no peekaboo surprises. The pouch provides that enhancement that we want while providing support for the male anatomy.

The thong is designed with a slim cut and a low rise fit making it ideal to use in a range of sports including martial arts and gym workouts. We found that the thong will not bunch up and restrict your movement. The back strap of the thong is well designed and it sits comfortably without feeling like a wedgie.

This item is available in Black or White with the Calvin Klein brand logo displayed proudly over the waist band. The sizes available for this underwear include small, medium, large and extra large. Be sure to check out our sizing guide on our homepage for your best fit and confirm with the manufactures sizing chart.

Although the design cut and colors are fairly basic, we feel that this thong is a great choice for someone who is looking for a first thong to buy and an excellent choice for workouts. It will not take long to get used to wearing them.

If you are looking for that special gift for your man or something modern for yourself that can be worn as an everyday thong then be sure to check this thong out. With a high rating 4.5 out of 5 from over 90 users, you can be sure that this thong is the one you have been looking for.

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Cocksox Banana Thong Review

Cocksox Banana ThongIf you really want to enhance your package in a thong then Cocksox have the answer. Their banana thong is a very comfortable and appealing underwear to both men and women.

The unlined cut with a thin waistband ensures that you get the comfort and full skin exposure that is desired from wearing a thong. The one thing we loved about this thong is that it really supports your package. After trying on the thong we put some pants on and went for a walk. We noticed that the thong highlighted our package through our pants and gave us that desired look.

The back part of the thong provides an exposed look that will accentuate your butt. The pouch feels natural as your package sits in it. It does not feel forced into a position. The material is comfortable and is made out of 95% Cotton and 5% Lycra.

We ordered the leopard print as we thought that it appealed to us the most out of the very unique design and pattern range available. The other colors that are available include Black, Red, Wahoo Blue, White, Navy/White Stripe and Royal. The sizes available for this underwear include small, medium, large and extra large.

If you want to be hunted in a banana thong then you must check out this thong.

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Gregg Homme Center Patch Banana Thong Review

Gregg Homme Center Patch Banana ThongGregg Homme has an amazing range of men’s underwear and swimsuits and this thong is a great example of the different types of prints that are available in their underwear range.

The thong has a hot looking Y-back design that allows the underwear to sit comfortably with its half an inch waistband. The waistband feels comfortable and when we tried it on we noticed that it sits comfortably and it did not bunch up or ride up like some underwear can. Their was little to no adjustment required when running around and the size was the correct to the manufactures recommendation.

The garment feels well constructed and it is made out of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex. Overall we thought that the price was good for the quality of the brand. We really liked how the the thong has an unlined pouch which provides the ultimate in comfort and the material feels comfortable.

The underwear is available in the following amazing designs, Army Orange, Army Pink, Blue Spiral, Denim Print, Grey Spiral, Grey, Lime Mesh, Lime Slinky, vintage Print, White Accent, Green Tie Die, Khaki Slinky, Black Jacquard, Crimson Mesh, Gold Snake, Jungle, Lime Snake and Pink Snake.

I am sure you will be impressed as we are on the range of colors and that you will find a design that suits you. The sizes available for this banana thong range from small, medium, large and extra large.

The thong will keep you feeling confident and looking your greatest, why not try one today. Your partner will struggle to keep their hands off you.

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Clever Moda Mesh Banana Thong Review

Clever Mesh Banana ThongClever Moda are a wonderful Colombian designer underwear brand that brings a unique Latin flavor to its huge range of designs.

Their mesh banana thong is one of the fine examples of quality design and comfort. We decided to order this pair as it was not a common brand to us and we wanted to spice things up with a hot blooded Latin brand.

The waistband of the thong is fairly thick and comfortable. When we tried it on it gave us the impression that we were wearing nothing as the material is light weight and the mesh is ultra breathable. Our package sat comfortably in the pouch and it was a nice snug fit overall.

The front pouch is designed with a cut in the middle which enhances the look of your package. This cut did not feel uncomfortable at all. The back part of the thong sits nicely and the Clever brand is proudly displayed on the waistband in grey.

We felt that this thong would keep our assets nice and cool during those hot summer days and when we felt no restriction of movement when jogging in them.

The thong is ideal for any occasion and can be worn to work or while working out at that gym, wearing pants are optional of course!

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Croota Second Skin T-Back Bikini Banana Thong Review

Croota Second Skin Banana ThongCroota is an Australian brand that brings a unique Aussie flair to their design of underwear. Their Second Skin range of men’s underwear brings new meaning to the male thong. The thong is designed to expose as much skin as possible while still providing that all important support for your package.

When we tried on this underwear our first reaction was that there was not much of a pouch area in the front and it was more like a cover. Although we ordered the correct size, the thong is not designed for the well hung man and your assets could possibly pop out and say hello. The thong is designed to be a low rise style, so you may have to order a size bigger if you want that snug fit for your package.

The T-Back design looks great along with the thick waistband to provide that legless look. The thong is made out of 95% Cotton and 5% Polyurethane and is very light weight. The back of the thong proudly displays the Croota logo on the material and it is a nice touch. We really liked the colors of the waistband that are available, they are hot and interesting.

Overall if you want that hot look that will make your butt look good then this banana thong is going to make you stand out.

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Your Turn

Now that you have seen some unique banana hammock thongs, which thong do you think is the best? Our personal favorite was between the Calvin Klein body thong and the Cocksox animal print thong. We loved how the simple design of the Calvin Klein underwear appears and the feel of it as it is designed for comfort. On the other scale, the animal print from Cocksox really stands out and the pouch works wonders to enhance your package. It comes down to your individual preference and the occasion where you intend to wear them.

Which do you prefer? Leave us a comment down below with your favorite and be sure to check out our full comparison chart here for more great men’s underwear thong reviews.

Matt Collins

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