Borat Banana Hammock Mankini

By Matt Collins

Borat Banana Hammock Mankini

What is the Borat Banana Hammock Mankini?

The Borat Banana Hammock Mankini is a male swimsuit that Sacha Noam Baron Cohen popularized in the movie Borat. The outfit Borat wears is actually better known as a mankini instead of a banana hammock. The mankini name originated from the words man and bikini. As the outfit is worn by a man the two words combined gave birth to the mankini. The outfit is worn over the shoulders and covers the front male package similar to a male g-string as shown in the photo above.

The outfit is actually similar to a sling one-piece swimsuit that is worn by women. When worn by women the outfits are also known as the suspender bikini, sling bikini, suspender thong, slingshot swimsuit and the slingshot.

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Borat is an outrageous mockumentary comedy about a television reporter from Kazakhstan who travels to the greatest country in the world, the United States of America. He sets out with his documentary crew to capture the American lifestyle, culture, humor and their beautiful women. After watching American television for the first time, he unexpectedly discovers a beautiful female from the television show Baywatch. He instantly falls in love with Pamela Anderson and sets out on a mission to track her down, marry her and take her back to his home country.

The movie is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a fun and edgy comedy. It’s a great movie to watch and not to be taken seriously. It has been rated at 7.3 out of 10 on IMDB from over 220,000 votes. Here are a few quotes from the movie.

Borat Mankini Quotes

Borat: I like to make sexy time!


[referring in thought to woman speaking in feminism group]

Borat: I could not concentrate on what this old man was saying.


Borat: Hiiiiigh-fiiiiive!


Hotel Manager: “Come on in.”

Borat: “Oh, very nice. Very nice room.”

Hotel Manager: “You’re not in the room yet, sir. Hold on. You might want to repack your things. We’re gonna be moving again shortly.”

Borat: “I will not move to a smaller room.”

Hotel Manager: “Sir, this is your floor. I’m gonna take you to your room.”

Borat: “This is not my room?”

Hotel Manager: “This is the elevator. It takes you to the floor where your room is.”


Borat: “Do you think a woman should be educate?”

Feminist: “Definitely.”

Borat: “But is it not a problem that the woman have a smaller brain than a man?”

Feminist: “That is wrong.”

Borat: “But the government scientist, Dr. Yamak, have prove it is size of squirrel.”

Feminist: “Your government scientist?”

Borat: “Yes, Dr. Yamak.”

Feminist: “He’s wrong. He’s wrong.”

We have located the Borat movie trailer for you. Watch Borat online youtube here.


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