Papi Mens Cotton Jock Strap Review

By Matt Collins

Papi Mens Cotton Jockstrap Review

Banana Hammock WOW Factor:

Miami Beach based Papi is calling and wanting to show off a new jock strap to you that provides the ultimate in comfort, support, practical use and ultimate value.

Jock straps are not just for gay men, or metrosexual men. Let me summarise why they are great for any man; they provide ultimate comfort, support, value and practical use. No matter what your personal sense of style or sexual preference is you will fall in love with Papi’s Cotton Jock Strap just like we did.

When we tried on a pair for the first time we were amazed at how comfortable they felt, much more comfortable than we expected them to be. The straps on this underwear may take a little getting used to as you initially feel them in a different place than you would normally compared to wearing boxers or briefs. You will get over the feeling quickly within 5 minutes or less and realise how comfortable the straps feel while still providing the support you need.

The cup of this jock strap provides plenty of room and keeps your banana safely supported. The cotton material is soft so there is no irritation or uncomfortable feeling on your groin. Whether you are a larger man or average the cup on these jockstraps leave you feeling supported without the feeling of your friend being smashed or bunched up.

Value is important to everyone. A good quality pair of underwear should be affordable and we feel that this product will last. Papi’s Jockstraps are available in a three pack for a great price. The smart shopper in you will realise what a great deal this is once you try on a pair.

After wearing this jock strap for several hours we found them very practical to use and put them to the test. While outside we felt comfortable walking around without the need to readjust them unlike some of the boxers or boxer-briefs that we have tried on. We can happily report that there was no riding up or wedging experienced. There was no embarrassing need to adjust them in public. This jockstrap would be perfect for work or play.

Papi represents a man who possesses style, sophistication and a certain sex appeal while maintaining a strong sense of self. With a high rating of 4.5 out of 5 from over 430 reviews you will have to try on a pair for yourself to see and feel the results.

Whether you are looking for something to spice up your bedroom life making you feel and look sexy or looking for a practical solution to support you after surgery, you have found it here. Don’t just think about it – do it!


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Product Information: Papi Mens Cotton Jockstrap.

Product Style: Modern Fit Jockstrap.

Product Material: 100% Cotton.

Cleaning: Machine Wash

Size Available: S, M, L & XL. Check available sizes via link above.

Design Color: Red/Black/Blue or Light Blue/Cobalt/Navy.

Rating: 4.5/5 (430+ Users).

Price: $$


Matt Collins

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