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Are you looking for the best banana hammock to support and show off your package down below? If you are reading this, then you are obviously someone who is ready to make the ultimate statement. A great looking hammock will not only give you the freedom and support you desire, but also enhance your package to give you the WOW factor in front of your friends and partner.

The right banana hammock will make heads turn wherever you go. We all have our own personal style and taste on what we think looks great. To make your decision easier, we have created the ultimate comparison chart so you can easily find the best mens underwear currently available. Whether you are looking for an edgy gift or something for yourself, we’re here to help you find the best solution.

Ultimate Banana Hammock Comparison Chart

Banana HammocksMaterialSizeColorPriceRating
Andrew Christian Color Vibe BriefAndrew Christian Color Vibe Brief 100% CottonXS, S, ML, XLRoyal
Bubble Gum
Borat MankiniBorat Banana Hammock Mankini95% Polyester
5% Lycra
One Size Fits AllGreen$4.2
Joe Snyder Mens String Jock Bodybanana hammock banana hammock underwear80% Nylon
20% Spandex
S, M, L, XLRoyal Blue
Cocksox Mens Underwear Thongbanana hammock92% Supplex
8% Lycra
S, M, L, XLAnimal Print
Navy/White Stripe
Royal Blue
Wahoo Blue
Good Devil Men's GD4500 Net G String Thongbanana hammock83.15% Polyamide
16.85% Spandex
S, M, L, XLBlack
Royal Blue
Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Brazilian BikiniCover Male CM201 Camo83% Polyester
17% Spandex
S, M, L, XLCamo
Royal Blue
PPU Chippendales Tuxedo ThongChippendales Tuxedo Thong96% Cotton
4% Spandex
S, M, L, XLBlack/White$$5
Joe Snyder Cheek Boxer Pride FrameJoe Snyder Cheek Boxer Pride Frame80% Nylon
20% Spandex
S, M, L, XLMango
Gary Majdell Animal Print Contour Pouch BikiniGary Majdell Sport Print Contour Pouch Bikini80% Nylon
20% Spandex
S, M, L, XLAnaconda Gold,
Black Army,
Camo Tiger,
Orange Thunder,
Silver Thunder,
White Lips,
Calvin Klein Micro Modal TrunkCalvin Klein Micro Modal Trunk 390% Modal
10% Lycra Elastane
S, M, L, XLBlack
Flanel Candyman Mens ThongCandyman Flanel Thong96% Nylon
4% Elastan
S, M, L, XLBlue
Gregg Homme Octaine S&M BoxerGregg Homme Octaine S&M Boxer100% PolyesterS, M, L, XLBlack$$$$4.5
PPU Mens Bare Sides BriefPPU Mens Bare Sides Brief87% Nylon
7% Spandex
6% Polyester
S, M, L, XLBlue/Red
N2N Net BikiniN2N Net BikiniSheer MeshS, M, L, XLTan$4.7

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The banana hammock comparison chart above only includes the best selling men’s underwear, thongs, bikinis and g-strings. There are many more brands and models of men’s underwear to choose from. Be sure to check out our Full Banana Hammock Underwear Comparison Chart showcasing over 50 of the best men’s underwear available. The full comparison chart shows a better range of mens underwear including all price ranges and styles, from casual to the more adventurous.

Comparison Chart Key

The comparison chart above has 6 columns that can be sorted by clicking on the individual column title, enabling you to sort by your personal preference making your decision easier. Additionally you can search for a particular brand or model in the search field at the top of the table. The following is an explanation of the columns of the chart:

Material:The type of material the underwear has been made out of.
Size:The available sizes for sale. See our "Finding Your Best Fit" article for typical measurements.
Color:The colors available for that specific brand/model of underwear.
Price:The approximate price on Prices tend to fluctuate based on availability, promotions, and more. As a guide:
$ = less than $20
$$ = less than $30
$$$ = less than $40
$$$$ = less than $50
Rating:This is the average user rating out of 5 based on The rating information gives an indication of customer satisfaction.

What is a Banana Hammock?

A Banana Hammock is an informal phrase (slang) given to a tight-fitting thong-like underwear, swimming brief or swimsuit worn by men. Generally the type of tight underwear or swimwear worn outlines the ‘parts’ of the male package hence leading to the banana shape name. The g-string design of the underwear helps to define a hammock setup. Both of these concepts combine to give a vision of a Banana in a Hammock.

The outfit can be worn by all men and is usually worn by men at the beach as well as men who participate in bodybuilding, dancing, diving, swimming and even by male models. The hammock is very comfortable to wear and attracts a lot of attention. Click here for more information on What is a Banana Hammock.

Finding Your Best Fit

The interactive comparison chart above shows a huge range of men’s underwear and g-strings that are currently available on the market. Obviously your individual taste will determine which style of underwear you prefer. Before you start salivating even more over your next purchase, lets take a look at the general guidelines of how to measure the correct size of underwear to help you find your best fit.

When you measure your hips to determine the size of underwear, stand straight up with your feet together. Then using a loose measuring tape, measure around the fullest part of your hips and rear. Make sure to measure over your underwear and not over your clothes. If you do not have a loose measuring tape, then you can try measuring around your waist with a piece of string and then measure the distance of the string with a ruler.

After measuring around your waist, you can use the general chart below to help you choose your underwear size. Please note that different manufactures have their own size recommendation guidelines.

SizeWaist (in inches)

Review of the Top 5 Banana Hammock Underwear and Swimwear

All of the men’s underwear, bikinis, g-strings, thongs and briefs listed in the chart above are great and will surely impress you partner. Lets check out more detail on the best selling underwear that are currently available on the market. The Top 5 will change over time as new models are available, so be sure to check back and review more great deals.

Andrew Christian Color Vibe Brief

Banana HammockAndrew Christians Color Vibe Brief is designed to perfectly support the male anatomy with its low hung design. The low hung design will fit your package nice and snug with the bonus feature of enhancing your package. When trying on a pair, you will notice that you package will fall comfortably into the front pouch and it is definitely a unique feeling. There are no cups or extra padding in the underwear which makes them very comfortable.

The briefs are made out of 100% cotton and are extremely light weight, they almost feel like you are wearing nothing. The cotton material helps to eliminate any sticking, squashing, re-adjusting, sweating and chafing that can occur with most mens briefs. The elastic waist band feels like good quality with no irritation and helps to support the underwear without being constrictive.

Like all models of Andrew Christians underwear, this brief model comes in so many fun and bright colors from Grape, Bubble Gum to Seafoam. If you are looking for a quality set of cotton briefs with the added bonus of enhancing your package, then these briefs are worth checking out.

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Gary Majdell Men’s Animal Print Contour Pouch Bikini

Banana HammockGary Marjdell Sport men’s bikini is designed with full front lining and a thick one inch elastic waistband to ensure both comfort and support when swimming or parading around. The material (nylon and spandex) is of a high quality with both the stitching and the print. The cut out shape and design is perfect with a comfortable fitting around your legs, waist and behind. The underwear feels very comfortable to wear and close to wearing nothing at all.

The pictures of the bikini do not do the bikini any justice as the actual bikini swimsuit is more vibrant than shown. The back part of the bikini covers your behind enough to cover both cheeks which is both comfortable and breathable.

With one of the most impressive ranges of colorful animal prints to choose from, you will effortlessly find the ideal print for your situation. This is definitely one of the best men’s bikini swimsuits available for your next beach, pool or private party. Be sure to check out this pair of swimwear.

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Good Devil Men’s GD4500 G-String Thong

Banana HammockGood Devil’s GD4500 is one of the best edgy and completely see through men’s g-string underwear that is made out of nylon and spandex. The front pouch holds your goodies comfortably in its mesh-like see through material. The front pouch feels loose and comfortable without the feeling of being constraint. The material and construction of the garment is of a high quality and they do not feel flimsy. This g-string feels like they will last the distance.

The g-string will definitely make your partner take notice with its mesh-like see through material. The mesh like material not only feels great but also ensures that you get to show off your goods. If you are looking for your first g-string that has pure shock awe then this g-string should be high on your list of purchases.



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N2N Net Bikini

Banana Hammock UnderwearN2N Bodywear Los Angeles creates great swimwear and underwear. The N2N Net Bikini is a unique, racy, sensual and revealing male bikini that is completely see through. It is made out of a comfortable soft mesh fabric with an elastic waistband.

This bikini has an enhanced support pouch area that will hold your package comfortably to ensure your member is on display. The cut of the bikini feels a little skimpier that normal and ensures that you get full skin exposure.

The snug fit of the pouch ensures that your package will get its full exposure leaving very little to the imagination. If you are planning for a special rendezvous and want to make the ultimate statement in a sexy sheer mesh outfit then be sure to check out this male bikini.



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Cover Male’s CM201 Pouch Enhancing Bikini Camouflage

Banana Hammock UnderwearCover Male’s Pouch Enhancing Brazilian Bikini is a functional cross between a bikini and a thong. The great benefit of this is that you can either wear it as swimwear or underwear. It is made out of polyester and spandex with a high cut to expose more skin which will provide a more revealing look.

The shape and cut of the bikini allows your package to sit comfortably while giving you that enhanced look. The back part of the bikini provides more coverage than most bikinis.

If you are looking for the best value for your money then this bikini is hard to beat with its dual functionality of being both men’s swimwear and underwear..




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What’s Your Favorite Banana Hammock?

Now that you’ve seen some of the best Banana Hammock mens underwear, bikinis, g-strings and thongs available on the market, which do you prefer? The ultimate choice is yours and will be based on your individual taste, price range, special occasion and ultimately the amount of WOW factor you want to present to your partner.

New models of banana hammocks will be added to the comparison chart above as they come onto the market. If you know of any other brands or models of banana hammock underwear that you think are worthy of mentioning then let us know by commenting below!

By Matt Collins


  1. How do I order a couple of half / side wrapped banana hammocks from you guys?

    • Hi Ritchie, just click on the linked amazon review or product picture and it will take you to the order process. You will have a large selection to chose from. Your support is much appreciated. Enhance your package with a Banana Hammock today!

  2. I was looking for a fun present for my husband and came across your site. Thanks for the great comparison chart, it made my selection of a banana hammock so much easier. My husband looks really sexy in the colour vibe brief that I ordered and I can’t wait to order some new ones for him – maybe i’ll try something a bit more adventurous!

  3. Great comparison site. Just purchased a couple of Gregg Homme underwear. Cant wait to get them and see my partners reaction!

  4. Just opened my delivery of underwear and I’m so excited to wear some! Cant wait to show off the thong to my bf. Thank you for this site and recommendations.

    • Hi Jamie,

      Glad that this site has provided you useful info. Enjoy the fun 🙂

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