Banana Hammocks For Men

By Matt Collins

Banana Hammocks for Men

Are you searching for the best banana hammocks for men? If so, then you are obviously a person that is both confident and ready to make the ultimate statement. You are in the right place as this website is dedicated to the one of the most provocative outfits that men can wear which is the banana hammock.

What is a banana hammock? If you have to ask yourself that question then take a look at our amazing comparison table here. Our one of a kind table compares over 50 of the best banana hammocks that are ready for you to buy. After looking at this comparison chart you should have a fairly good idea of what one is. If you still need more information and want to know the definition of a banana hammock then check out our article here.

Which Banana Hammock is right for you? There are many variations of banana hammocks for men that you can choose from, your choice will ultimately depend on your personal taste and a number of other factors including price, material and confidence. Most banana hammocks are available as underwear that can be worn for that special late night encounter and some are available as swimwear that can be worn at pool parties and the beach.

Where to buy a Banana Hammock? There are a few good places to buy a banana hammock that we recommend. Manufactures such as Andrew Christian, Clever,  Joe Snyder, Gary Marjdell, Gregg Homme as well as Amazon are great places to start looking.

To make your life easier, we have developed a great comparison chart that lists the top 50 banana hammock available that include all ranges of styles and prices.

>>View the Top 50 Banana Hammocks for Men Here>>


Here are just a few examples of the different styles of men’s underwear and swimsuit’s that are currently available.

Borat Banana Hammock Sling

Borat Banana Hammock Sling

This unique banana hammock sling made quiet an impression as Sacha Cohen popularised the outfit in the hilarious mockumentary Borat. Be sure to read our full review of this banana hammock sling and where to buy the banana hammock here.




G-String Banana Hammock

G-String Banana HammockGregg Homme is known for his innovative and provocative underwear designs and this jewel is a perfect example. Read more about the Jewels String Mens G-String in our full review here.





Banana Hammock Swimsuit

Banana Hammock SwimsuitGary Marjdell has some of the best animal print banana hammock swimwear available. You will be impressed with their range and will surely find the best swimsuit for you. Continue reading our full review of one of the best banana hammock swimsuits here.




Banana Hammock Trunk

Banana Hammock TrunkCalvin Klein is instantly recognised as one of the leaders in designer men’s fashion. Even though trunks are a tad boring compared to the banana hammock, their Micro Modal range is worth mentioning as they feel great and are high quality. Check out the full review of the Calvin Klein Micro Modal here.




Yellow Banana Hammock

Yellow Banana HammockJoe Snyder manufactures an impressive range of men’s underwear and swimwear. They have some really hot bright colors to choose from including the yellow banana hammock on the left.





Jockstrap Banana Hammock

Jockstrap Banana HammockThe Shock Doctor produces professional jockstraps for all levels of athletes. Their latest design brings top quality innovation that will protect your assets during that physical activity. Read our full review of this amazing jockstrap here.





Your Turn

After viewing some of the best banana hammocks for men available, which do you prefer? Do you like the swimwear or the underwear better? We prefer both the swimsuit and the underwear but it really depends on the occasion.

Be sure to check out our homepage for more information as well as our impressive comparison chart which we know you will love. Express yourself today.

Matt Collins

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