Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

Who is Princess Consuela Banana Hammock?

By Matt Collins
Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

Lisa Kudrow is Princess Consuela Banana Hammock. Lisa is better known as the character Phoebe Buffay in the NBC/Warner Bros television show Friends.The Princess Consuela Banana Hammock quote originated in Friends Season 10 Episode 14 entitled “The One with Princess Consuela”.

In the episode Phoebe discovers that she can legally change her name to whatever she wants. She decides to change it to “Princess Consuela Banana Hammock”.Her partner and later husband Mike (who is played by Paul Rudd) changes his name to “Crap Bag”.

The reason that Phoebe gives to Mike for changing her name has been quoted as “Its fun, different and nobody else has a name like it” which totally showcases Phoebe’s character and her loveable eccentric personality. The episode is hilarious and definitely worth watching like all episodes of Friends.

Friends is one of the most popular and successful American sitcoms of all time. The show is about six young singles approaching the age of 30 who are living and making their way in Manhattan, New York. The show has been rated on IMDB at a ranking of 8.8 out of 10 from over 234,000 people.

We have transcribed the short scene where she mentions her new name for you. Check out the funny scene below.

Princess Consuela Banana Hammock Quote

Mike: So what’s new?

Phoebe: Well I’m no longer Phoebe Buffay.

Mike: That’s great you changed your name?

Phoebe: Yes I did…Meet Princess Consuela Banana Hammock.

Mike: Your kidding right?

Phoebe: No

Mike: You really did that?

Phoebe: Yup.

Mike: You cant do that!

Phoebe: Why? Its fun, different and nobody else has a name like it.

Mike: Alright then Im going to change my name.

Phoebe: Great, what are you going to change it to?

Mike: “Crap Bag”

We have found a short video of the actual scene for you. Check it out below.

Here are a few more entertaining scenes that include Phoebe from Friends:


[Right after playing a song in the coffee shop]

Phoebe: If you want to receive e-mails about my upcoming shows, then please give me money so I can buy a computer.


[Doing a crossword puzzle]

Ross: Heating device.

Phoebe: Radiator.

Ross: Five letters.

Phoebe: R-d-a-t-r.


Rachel: Oh, honey. Don’t get up. What do you need?

Phoebe: Oh, no. Oh, nothing.

Rachel: Come on. I am here to take care of you. What do you need? Anything.

Phoebe: Okay, I have a wedgie.

Rachel: Okay, that is all you.


Phoebe: Come on Ross, you’re a paleontologist, dig a little deeper.


Phoebe: I may play the fool at times but I’m a little more than just a pretty blonde girl with an ass that won’t quit.


Phoebe: I think the most romantic song is the one that Elton John wrote for that guy from “Who’s the Boss?”

Monica: Which one was that?

Phoebe: You know, uh, “Hold me closer, Tony Danza”.


[Rachel is upset about something]

Phoebe: Aww Pheebs.

Rachel: Honey, that’s your name.

Phoebe: Oh, Pheebs is short for Phoebe I thought that’s just what we called each other.


Phoebe: I’m going to get a coffee. Anybody want anything?

Monica: I’ll have a latte.

Ross: I’ll have a blueberry muffin, with a decaf.

Chandler: I’ll have a bagel with a little…

Phoebe: You know I was just being polite.


[Chandler is caught smoking]

Phoebe: Oh, I can’t believe you. You’ve been so good, for three years.

Chandler: And this- is my reward.

Ross: Hold on a second, all right? Just think about what you went through the last time you quit.

Chandler: Okay, so this time I won’t quit.


As you can see from the princess banana hammock quote above, Friends is definitely a great comedy show worth checking out.

Now it’s your turn! Leave us a comment in the comment section below with you favourite quote from the show.

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  1. The one where Ross lies about taking responsibility for everything and Rachel says you fell asleep

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