Top 5 Banana Hammock Underwear

By Matt Collins

Banana Hammock WOW Factor:

Are you bored with your average tighty whitie underwear? Do you want to show off your package in a new pair of banana hammock underwear? Maybe you want to spice up your love life and surprise your partner with a new outfit?

The guys here at Banana Hammock World want to make your life easier! We want to share with you some of the best banana hammock men’s underwear that we have come across. We have created a list of the Top 5 best banana hammock men’s underwear that are sexy, revealing and sure to make your partner pay attention. Here are the Top 5.


Number 1: N2N Net Bikini Nude

banana hammockN2N Bodywear’s Andrew Makay has been creating great quality men’s swimwear and underwear since 1997 from their Los Angeles location. The N2N Net Bikini is a super appealing male bikini that is completely see through. This sexy underwear will definitely embrace your male physique while your partner or audience struggle to keep their eyes off you.

The N2N is made out of a comfortable soft mesh fabric with an elastic waistband. The mesh is completely see through both in the front and back part of the body. This bikini has an enhanced support pouch area that will hold your package comfortably. The cut of the bikini is skimpier and more in the shape of a g-string in the front . The cut will ensure that you get full skin exposure. The front pouch design ensures that your package sits comfortably and the mesh ensures total breathability.

This banana hammock underwear is available in 4 different colors including Black, Red, White and Nude. The Nude color (pictured above) is a light tan skin color which adds to the revealing nature of the underwear. The sizes available are small, medium, large and extra large. With a high rating of 4.5 out of 5 from 13 reviewers, this banana hammock men’s underwear should be high on your list to purchase and is worth checking out.

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Number 2: Andrew Christian Color Vibe Brief

banana hammockThe Color Vibe Brief is designed to hold and enhance your package with its low hung design. The design allows your package to fit nice and snug with the extra feature of adding that all important extra size to your package. There are no cups or extra padding in the underwear which give you total freedom and allow your member to sit in its natural place without constraint. The briefs are made out of 100% cotton and are very light in weight. The cotton material helps to eliminate any sticking, sweating and chafing that can occur with most men’s briefs.The elastic waist band is good quality and there is no irritation on the waist from wearing it. The waist band helps to support the underwear without being constricted.

The Color Vibe Brief underwear comes in some great vibrant colors including, Bright Teal, Regal Blue, Yellow, Aqua, Bubble Gum, Burgundy, Flamingo, Grape, Navy, Royal, Seafoam, Teal, Red, Black Ink and Black. As well as the awesome range of colors to choose from, the briefs come in a great range of sizes to cater to all men from extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. If you are looking to stand out proud in a quality set of cotton briefs with the added bonus of enhancing your package, then these briefs are for you.

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Number 3: Cocksox CX05PR Leopard Thong

banana hammock underwearWhether you are hunting or being hunted, the Cocksox CX05PR leopard print thong will make you the target of your audience. You will definitely stand out from the crowd in this underwear – unless you are hanging out with a pack of leopards of course! The material is 95% high quality cotton and 5% lycra. We found that the material is very durable and breathable.

The enhancing pouch adds the desired extra thickness to your package. The back part of the underwear is very revealing as expected from a thong. The high unlined cut provides a skimpy super sexy look. The Cocksox pouch in the front provides an enhanced look that will keep your banana comfortable as well as the center of attention. With the leopard print you will surely be the target at your next outing.

The outfit is very versatile and can be used at the beach or pool party to get your sun tan on. Also for you models and bodybuilders out there, this male thong would be great for that all important photo shoot. Why not make your workday more interesting by going to work in a pair of these thongs, no one will know that you are wearing them. Just remember to wear some pants on the outside or you might get into trouble! Be sure to check out this amazing animal print banana hammock.

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Number 4: Diesel Fresh and Bright Jock Strap

banana hammock reviewDiesel is an Italian company who have been manufacturing top quality clothing for men, women and children since 1978. Not only do they make top quality clothing, the company also manufactures watches, jewellery, eyewear and fragrances. In their latest Fresh and Bright range of men’s underwear, Diesel has produced a vibrant and sexy looking men’s jockstrap that is made out of 95% cotton and 5% elastane.

The material is high quality and has a nice smooth feel to it. The thick elastic waist band showcases the brand name proudly and stays in place with little movement, whereas some other brands waist band tend to sag and not feel as comfortable.

The Diesel Fresh and Bright Jock Strap is available in hot vibrant colors that include Bright Green, Navy, Orange, Pink, Red, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Green/Blue, Olive/Green, Powder Blue, Black/White and Purple. Your partner will surely appreciate your package when they see you in this underwear because it is jockalicious!

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Number 5: PPU Men’s Bare Sides Brief

mens banana hammockPPU manufacturers an amazing line of men’s underwear that have an athletic and sporty feel . The PPU men’s bare brief is designed to feel like the ultimate men’s brief with a jockstrap feel that allows you to show off your body to your partner in comfort.

The Bare Side Brief has a modern unique design that uses high quality elastic bands to attach the front and back cups of the underwear. The elastic bands do not cut into the skin and they feel flexible enough to stretch around a decent sized muscular leg without cutting off any circulation to your ‘vital organ’. The wide elastic waist band also allows the underwear to sit comfortably around the waist without too much movement.

The PPU bare side brief is made out of nylon, spandex and polyester. It comes in a range of sizes from small, medium, large and extra large to accommodate most average sized guys. The unique design color theme uses a horizontal blue and red pattern. Although this design and color scheme is not too flashy, it will cater to anyone who wants a safe and sexy design. The bare sides of the garment is recommended for the shaved guy who does not mind showing off and attracting some well deserved attention from your partner.

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Your Turn

Now that you have seen some of the best banana hammock men’s underwear available, which pair do you like?

Our personal favorite underwear out of the Top 5 is a close tie between the Color Vibe Brief and the N2N Bikini models. The N2N feels really comfortable and breathable when you wear them, although we found that we attracted a little too much attention when running in them outside. The Color Vibe provided the ultimate support and the quality cotton makes them very versatile to wear them anywhere.

Your ultimate choice will be based on a number of factors including price, design and how much WOW factor you want to present. Please leave us a comment down below with your top pick.

Matt Collins

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